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The typical approach to raising capital by consultants and placement agents is broken. The purpose of raising capital is to secure money for growth. We don’t know of any investor who’s okay with seeing each dollar they invest become discounted by 2%-12%.


Our approach is simple and straight forward. We quickly determine the most appropriate source of growth capital that mitigates ownership and existing shareholder dilution. This is important since too many companies give up too much up front. Having lived through good and bad market cycles, we understand the complexity a new company faces.


We can negotiate financing terms for your team or assist companies based on your companies need.


Our fees are flat and are paid incrementally throughout the course of the entire engagement. Your engagement includes marketing, branding, and strategy. We never take a percentage of what’s raised, and we forgo equity stakes from companies so that dilution is avoided.


From time-to-time, the best ideas are considered for an investment by our Partners on a case by case basis.

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