Ready Set Launch

We are thought leaders with experience in many areas who have a few things in common: the love of developing good idea's into great companies.  Our team has more experience than we care to remember, and take pride in both our successes and epic failures. What's constant is our desire and passion for sharing our knowledge with the next wave of leaders. Our grasp on the intangibles give us an edge. Each partner has founded and successfully exited more than one company and understands what it’s like to live in the lonely city called Founders Island.


We excel at working with new companies looking for funding. The teams, who seek out our help learn quickly that the first steps in our process were designed to help define and enhance your mission and purpose with our iterative process designed to maximize progression. 


Simple and straightforward is the approach we take to working with each company. This helps us get results. Our success is contingent on the success your team achieves. This is business  ensures our goal is to help your company reach the next level.